Baby carriers now being collected at RVA’s YMCAs

This month the YMCA of Greater Richmond is teaming up with Carry the Future RVA to donate baby and toddler carriers to refugee families.

Public school graduation schedule

Alert! Within a matter of weeks, thousands of very-soon-to-be high school grads and their families will swarm Richmond proper to claim their diplomas. Find out where they’ll be and when.

5 Things for Families: Sports, art, bargains, nostalgia, and a big ol’ jet

The rain has us all feeling like we’re this close to sprouting mushrooms, but shake off the fungi and be fun guys! And gals!

Family Finances: Our frugal summer

What Amanda Gibson and her family of five does to save money during the summer—a season we hear might be coming our way.

Being interviewed by a kindergartener

What happens when a kindergarten class interviews Sam Davies about living, working, and playing in the City of Richmond? Cuteness, insights, and lots of note-taking.

Governor adds computer science to Virginia SOLs

Governor Terry McAuliffe signs House Bill 831, incorporating computer science and computational thinking into the Standards of Learning, thereby making it A Legit Thing.

Coming this summer: Free (or real cheap) kids movies

Open up those calendars, parents! Here’s a nice little round-up of where you and your kids can soak up some free (or close to it) cinematic entertainment this summer.

5 Things for Families: Food, more food, art, music, and old timey fun

Now that we’re all significantly less soggy, let’s get out and do some stuff.

That whole “coparenting” thing

Hayley DeRoche pulls in her husband, Patrick, for a frank discussion on what it’s like to try and mold a human being…with the input of another person.

Children’s Museum of Richmond seeking Junior Board members

Got a lot of love for the Children’s Museum of Richmond and all it does for local families? Perhaps there’s a spot on CMoR’s Junior Board for you. Applications are due Friday!

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