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5 Things: Dressin’ fresh, sippin’ brews, watchin’ bands, gettin’ hitched, and makin’ goals

Summer in the South. We sweat for it, but it’s worth it.


5 Things: Pets, a play, trees, another play, and salsa salsa salsa!

You’ve been working for the weekend and now the weekend is here. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?


5 Things: America, America, America, America, USA

This weekend is a fruited plain of many things to do, and we sure hope you will shed your grace upon it.


5 Things: Friday Cheers ends, South Pacific begins, burgers are eaten, and beers are gulped

The Arts & Culture Xpo is finally here, just in time to boost our spirits after we experience the annual departure of Friday Cheers. Also, it’s Burger Week, and there’s a beer thing you should check out as well.


5 Things: Comedy, Juneteenth, vegetables, dogs, and bodily locomotion

There is literally nothing on this list that is not a fest, in one way or another. It’s fest time, RVA, and that means fests. Many fests. Fests.


5 Things: Much Ado, Special Olympics, bikes, bikes, more bikes, and bacon

Hmm, the weekend. Let’s see, shall I cheer on a very exciting good cause? Or shall I see Shakespeare in a beautiful and historically appropriate setting? Should I ride my bike or hear a story about a bike? Or…should I just eat enough bacon until my pants fly apart of their own accord?


5 Things: Eating with gusto, watching with an open mind, and listening with both

It looks like five things, but it’s actually eight. And those eight things contain, cumulatively, a billion bands, a trillion restaurants, a bunch of panelists, and two very envelope-pushing plays.


5 Things: Greek food, music outdoors, pigs, bourbon, beer, and crystal balls

I am looking closely at your palm, and I can see…wait, what is this? It’s…it’s things. Five of them! Five of them to do this weekend!


5 Things: RVA jams, soccer, cookies, books, parties, and humorous improv

It feels like yesterday that we were all “SPRING MUST COME ONE DAY, RIGHT?” and now we’re all “I PERSPIRE FROM EVERY PORE. SUMMER IS ON THE HORIZON.” Thus, there are some things to do this weekend—the most wonderful weekend of all.


5 Things

Big things going on this weekend. Huge.

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