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Mini Greek Festival brings a taste of popular spring event to the fall

It’s just about everything you love about the Greek Festival in the spring, only mini-er.

TIP! Make the most of the Greek Festival

Arguably RVA’s most popular food festival, the annual event celebrates its 40th anniversary this weekend.

Mini Greek Festival underway

Even pick up a “Take and Bake” pan for the holidays!

Food News: GWARbar, Broad Appetit, reasons to say OPA!

How to make GWARbar a reality, opening of Brux’l Cafe, and Broad Appetit, the cheapest way to sample the best of Richmond’s restaurants. Have fun!

5 Things

Hope you’re hungry, because three major food festivals converge upon the waistbands of our restaurant-obsessed city. While you’re waiting for your belt to just give up and split in twain, keep yourself occupied with comedy and/or dancing.

5 Things for Families

The start of meteorological summer will bring lower temperatures to Richmond this weekend–because that’s just how we do things in this town! At least the less jungly weather will make these awesome haps even awesomer. Take a gander…

From history to #opaRVA, Greek Festival celebrates all things Greece

The first known Greek Orthodox community arrived in Richmond in 1896. Over 100 years later, their history–and their heritage–will be celebrated at the Richmond Greek Festival.

5 Things

Dancing, shopping, eating, drinking, and running. What else is there in life? This weekend isn’t the time to ponder that question. Dive right in with this selection of not-to-be-missed Richmond events.

PHOTOS: 2013 Greek Festival

Yet another Greek Festival has come and gone! Check out the pictures from one of Richmond’s oldest (and most popular) festivals.

5 tips for the Greek Festival

Attending the Greek Festival can make anyone, Richmond neophyte or lifer alike, feel overwhelmed. Here are five quick tips to help streamline your trip to the fest and optimize the amount of your time spent eating baklava and drinking wine.