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The history of Grateful Dead Rock

I think a Friend of the Devil was Truckin’ down to the Big Muddy River was inspired by St. Stephen and Some Fire on the Mountain. They grabbed a bit of Stella Blue with a Touch of Gray paint and used their Crazy Fingers to paint on the Brokedown Palace of granite.

Photo: Nature is not your trashcan

I’ll never understand people going to spots to enjoy the beauty and leaving trash.

Instagram: Trailhead

Captured by instagrannypants

Woman, two children rescued from rocks near Belle Isle on Saturday

We’re still at, “lifejacket stage” and will be there through Wednesday.

Southside bridge to Belle Isle to be closed on weekdays February through April

The closure starts later this month and last until April 29th but only during weekdays.

Celebrate the solstice on Belle Isle

Join the Friends of the James River Park at their annual Solstice Celebration on Tuesday, December 22 from 4:30 until 6:30.

James River mermaids

No details on these mythological creatures or how many sailors they’ve lured to their death.

Clean up on isle Belle

Sunday, July 26th at 8:45 AM.

Belle Isle interpretative bike rack project

Functional with a bit of history to boot.

Large bonfire on Belle Isle

Bonfires and alcohol are illegal in the James River Parks system but with no real police presence fires and drinking will continue to be commonplace.