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Off the clock with The Checkout Girl: Smells like Teen Spirit. And Prozac.

This week, Disney darling Demi Lovato checked herself into a treatment facility for physical and emotional issues. “She’s a cutter,” my daughter said when I brought up Demi’s hospitalization, “Everybody knows that.” I didn’t know that.

Off the clock with The Checkout Girl: Fatties need love, too

Are fat people the last safe group to hate? It seems it’s become uncool for all but the edgiest of comedians to pick on every other group of people, but, for some reason, the overweight are fair game for just about everyone.

Off the clock with The Checkout Girl: Purple is the new pink

Sporting a magnetic ribbon on your car? Drinking from a coffee mug with a strong social message? Now, did you obtain those things without participating in, volunteering for, or donating to any cause, whatsoever? Congratulations! You’re an inactivist!

Off the clock with The Checkout Girl: Is that a pigskin in your pocket?

It seems Brett Favre is joining the growing list of male celebrities using their fame as a ladymagnet. The biggest difference with Favre though is that the alleged recipient wasn’t really down for the get down. Gory details inside…

Off the clock with The Checkout Girl: Now with more moobs!

Here we are, caught somewhere between summer and fall, burning heat and chilly breezes, Daylight Saving and whatever you call just regular old time — frankly, it’s an emotional roller coaster. While you’re deciding between the Antoine Dodson and the Mark Zuckerberg costumes for Halloween 2010, let me give you some tasty little candy corn-shaped nuggets of pop culture to chew on.

Off the clock with The Checkout Girl: Everything new is old again!

So, you know how youth culture is the boss of all things and if you ain’t young, you ain’t sh*t? But, if the kids are all right, how come we’re so fond of trotting out the elderly dames for our own entertainment, lately?

Off the clock with The Checkout Girl: Celebrity beef, it’s what for dinner

it’s been a week of the blahs. All the kids went back to school but mother nature seems reluctant to give up the boiling temps of Summer. Pumpkin Spice Latte, Starbucks? It’s ninety degrees out and I don’t WANT to smell like both nutmeg and Gold Bond powder at the same time! When I get like this, there’s only one surefire solution to drag me from the blues, back to the pinks: celebrity beef.

Off the clock with The Checkout Girl: Sugar and spice and science and magic

It seems that, these days, the Jens are back on top. Or the middle. Or the upper bottom, really. Both Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez have recently released sassy, empowering “sisters are doing it for themselves” movies. The “it”, by the way, is getting knocked up.

Off the clock with The Checkout Girl: Stars for sale

Earlier this week, a little bird told me that something was up with The Situation from Jersey Shore and vodka. Now, I’m not a huge fan of fist pumps and fitness (“You’re kidding!” No, I’m completely serious.) but the Jersey Shore kids are good for gossip and making me feel better about my own life choices, so I decided to investigate further.

Totally nerd to totally word: How to look cool on the Internet

I’m about to take you from drool to cool when it comes to the the Web’s pop culture one hit wonders, and soon YOU’LL be dropping bombs and making others feel uncomfortable and dated. Isn’t that what the Internet is all about?