Happy Weekend, RVA: Fond farewell

Oh don’t worry, it’s a joke.

This is it. This marks our last weekend together. Weather.com warns us: “Earth Might Have Only a Few Hours’ Warning” alongside a fiery photo of the sun, which looks more menacing than ever. The site has been leading us to this point all along–the point at which we have to say good-bye.

So, without further ado, let’s make the most of our weekend! While we await the apocalypse-by-sun, expect lower 90s temps with zero precipitation. Apparel translation: does it even matter?

In case you missed it

Kelly Gerow, erstwhile Raising Richmond writer, took a leave of absence. You may have noticed, and you almost certainly mourned it. She is back, and her 64-day hospital stay did not blunt her writing skills. Welcome back, Kelly. You are, quite seriously, my favorite author in the world. Read about the experience of being alone, scared, and full of jokes in this past week’s Our House.

In the latest edition of #lolrichmond, we put together a quick graph about the interesting financials behind that giant football practice facility on Leigh Street, the one that was supposed to pave our streets with cheese. As per uzhe, the debate raged…on the issue of the dang team’s name. If some mastermind ever wanted to create a Wag the Dog scenario and come up with a distraction that would keep everyone stuck to their various devices, writing angry comments to each other about something essentially not that important while the mastermind sneaked into all of our bank accounts and stole our dough, I would recommend the Great Washington D.C. Football Team Name Debate. Dear Readers! We’re gonna call it what we want. You do the same. TTYL!

Speaking of guys in shoulder pads, the tiny shoulder-padded guys of Electric Football will be playing this weekend, and Hayley DeRoche gave us some insight. 

I explored how technology can help (and hurt) the cause for domestic violence awareness and eradication. This issue is sobering and eye-opening, and I wish it were not a thing. Humans. Sometimes you make me despair.

Sam Davies despaired a tiny bit while his daughter was at camp. Others despaired when they missed our Comic Con giveaway (you can still attend the event with a 20% discount when you use code RVANEWS)! 

I’ll tell you who did not despair: anyone who read Stephanie Ganz’s guide to Richmond’s sweet, cold thangs, which might be the funniest thing she’s ever written. And the most refreshing.

Heads up

Keep an eye out for #untoldRVA, the final 10 x 10, National Night Out, more–ever more–on the BRT, a cool effing thing by cool effing teens, how the river may or may not be able to kill you, and life with triplets.

Reasons to stay in bed

  • I’m seriously reconsidering the way I enter a room.
  • Neat old roads!
  • We have a thing in the office where we get annoyed when people start sentences with “Actually…” Those sentences rarely end up with anyone feeling good except the speaker, who has established his- or herself as kind of a pompous know-it-all, you know? Actually, we’re not the only ones who feel that way

Reasons to get up

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