Good Evening, RVA: Welp, part 4

Not too emotional today, unless you’re one particular person.

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It was a marvelously fresh day in RVA.

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Bacon burger

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What to do this weekend, should you feel the need to do things

Here are five really good ones!

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Another thing about the bike share situation

We’ve updated our article to reflect some important clarifications on funding and fee structure. Let’s keep talking about the B!

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A thing about Kelly Gerow

Kelly and her kids went to see the LEGO thing at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and that link will tell you what she thought about it. Spoiler: she loved it. Guys, I have known Kelly since I was 16, and she doesn’t love everything, so that’s a ringing endorsement. Not to imply that she is a downer, she is in fact one of the best humans to exist. Her writing has always inspired me, even since those high school days, and I kind of can’t understand why she isn’t a famous short story writer unless it’s that I’ve taken up too much of her time watching British miniseries. There are all sorts of personal things I want to say about how Kelly has been there for me every single time I’ve needed her and a whole lot of times I didn’t know I did, but that’s neither here nor there. The bottom line today is that Kelly’s written so many things for us over the years, and clicking on each one has given me an actual thrill. Thank you, Kellmeister, for always being able to help us out so deftly and with jokes that are so much funnier than I can make, dammit.

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The biscuits will live on

Stephanie Ganz’s final Food News will assuage your fears about missing the biscuit guide vol. 3 and also tell you some other important stuff. I just realized that Kelly and Stephanie should get together and do something that I can kick back and read, happily and without moving except to eat snacks, for the rest of my life.

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