Good Evening, RVA: November 2nd, 2015

Vote! Booze! Run! Fest! That’s a lot of stuff for a Monday.

Photo by: Heaton Johnson V

It was an very gray day in RVA.

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Yeah dudes, you totally should vote. Susan Howson gives you the bare minimum of facts you need as you head out to the polls tomorrow. Depending on where you live you could have either a super interesting or supremely boring ballot. Good luck!

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Photo by Daniel Warshaw

RVANews Live #005: RVABooze

OH SNAP! IS A THING PEOPLE STILL SAY! We’ve done it again, and scheduled our fifth RVANews Live. This one’s all about the booze, the people that make the booze, and the people that sling the booze. Tickets are just $15!

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Photo by: Gord McKenna

November != October

October is really peak Richmond Festival Season™–it’s all down hill from here, you guys. As we slide down through winter’s grey miasma toward Terrible February, take a minute to hit up some of these November festivals. Maybe you can look back on them in a couple months and remember happier times?

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I remember running through the wet grass

People like to run, this is a verifiable fact–either that or folks are being chased way more than should be societally acceptable. If you like to run, or would like to train for the next time you are chased by a ne’er-do-well, we’ve got a giant list of this fall’s races. There are still plenty in November, so take heart! Or take foot, I guess!

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Richmond’s most acclaimed brown liquid

It’s coming: Hardywood will host their Gingerbread Stout release party on November 7th which is THIS COMING SATURDAY. AHHHH! Can you even handle it? Can you? CAN YOU? Aside: don’t you think the Gingerbread Stout Guy kind of looks like Mr. Bill? Ohhh noooooo!

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Celebrities are just like us, but, like, have millions of dollars and free time to spend on wild Halloween costumes.

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