Tuesday’s 2015 Virginia General Elections for House and Senate

There’s no excuse to not vote, especially this year when your actions could have serious ripples.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd!

First of all, where do I even vote? It’s probably really inconvenient!

Not so! Your polling place is almost certainly somewhere very close to your home–that’s the benefit of living in a more densely populated area. Find your polling place here or look on your voter card, if you’ve got it.

FINE, but I don’t even know who’s running or what seat they’re running for.

This is Virginia’s general election that will determine the entire House of Delegates, which is kind of crazy if you think about it. 

The commonwealth is divided into 100 House districts (view map) and 40 Senate districts (view map).

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House districts relevant to the Richmond area:

27th District — Chesterfield

Robinson was elected in 2010 and hasn’t had a Democratic opponent since. 

68th District — Richmond City, Chesterfield, Henrico

This race is fun to watch because it involves adult entertainment employer Michael Dickinson saying things like “I would say, blame God. God created women…And if he didn’t want them to be as beautiful as they are, they wouldn’t be that way.” (Read this fairly entertaining/alarming article on the Richmond Times-Dispatch.)

69th District — Richmond City, Chesterfield

Carr is running unopposed, unless you want to make happen that write-in campaign you’ve been planning.

70th District — Richmond City, Chesterfield, Henrico

71st — Richmond City, Henrico

Superstar McClellan will probably win this one, as she’s won each election for this seat by large margins for the past decade. Imholt is focusing on poverty, discrimination, and getting Richmond some sort of compensation for lost tax revenue from state-owned buildings.

74th — Richmond City, Henrico

Joe Morrissey’s seat was nabbed easily by Bagby during a special election. Will Lambert be able to yoink it out from under him? 

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Senate seats relevant to the Richmond area:

9th District — Charles City, Hanover, Henrico, Richmond City

McEachin is back! Running unopposed this time around, McEachin has done a lot of legislating in the past few years.

10th District — Chesterfield, Powhatan, Richmond City

The hot seat! Gecker and Sturtevant have been campaigning like crazy to get you to vote for them, which will quite possibly decide which way the Senate swings. It’d be shocking to see either Durfee or Loser win, even more shocking than seeing the name “Loser” on a ballot. 

16th District — Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Hopewell, Petersburg, Prince George, Richmond City

Joe Morrissey, werd poser of pictures drssed in old-timey garb with his scandal-causing baby, isn’t really running for this seat, but hasn’t officially withdrawn his name, hoping people will just get it. Good luck with that positive life outlook, Joe!

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