Good Evening, RVA: January 14th, 2016

Eating, doing, serving, winning, gerunding.

Photo by: jeff rawes

It was a warm again, we guess, day in RVA.

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Photo by: Nancy D. Regan

You are what you eat

An audio interview! Betwixt Susan Howson and registered dietitian Tina Shriver! You will learn about the history of popular nutrition stuff, where we are headed from here, what you can do to get yourself on the right track, and why customized nutrition concerns are so important (i.e. not cookie-cutter crash diets).

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MLK monument

Photo by: Daquella manera

 A Day of Service

This coming Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day which means a day off for a lot of folks–but consider making it a “day on.” Use that time to volunteer and serve your community! Kelly Gerow has tons of options to get you started.

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 Rams vs. Rams turned out pretty OK.

Aaron Williams has five stats for you to read after the Rams (the good ones) dismantled the Rams (the bad ones). Plus photog Will Weaver included three slammerjammer.gifs for you to enjoy.

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B, B, B-ball, and B-ing a good citizen

Things for drinkers, givers, and other people! We bring you your weekend’s 5 Things.

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Dim sum

You’re about to take a culinary trip around the world!

And make stops in various countries and cultures. Wait, you know we’re speaking figuratively, right? We aren’t giving away a foodie’s tour of the globe or anything. Sorry. Ugh, now this sounds completely anti-climactic, but there is some Food News this week.

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No guns

It’s kind of disturbing how easy it is to make gun puns

This General Assembly session is brimming with legislation, both pro- and anti-gun. 

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We haven’t talked about Stone Brewing in so long!!

What is this, 2015 over here? Nope, it’s 2016 and Stone Brewing is BACK IN THE NEWS. Apply for a Stone Brewing job to make sure that Stone Brewing is always in your personal news.

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leaf bags

You’re welcome

We aren’t going to say that we caused the City to finally update their leaf-pickup-schedule-gone-awry-due-to-torrential-rain, but we aren’t going to say that they didn’t update it based on our suggestion.

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:'( AGAIN!!

When will it stop?

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