Good Evening, RVA: Weddings, tears, and schools

Can we trust this fickle sun?

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It was a maybe OK day in RVA.

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Wedding stuff

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Weddings are doable

Amanda Gibson’s explanation of the very, very first step in wedding planning is a great primer for anyone who wants to do anything but isn’t sure how to afford it. I much enjoyed reading it and, as usual, finished it with a note to self: be as good with money as Amanda Gibson.

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Get involved in a different capacity with CMoR

Ever find yourself just automatically driving to the Children’s Museum of Richmond? That’s because the place is like a giant mothership, calling all of us home for a guaranteed fun time for your little one while you don’t have to do much besides stand and sigh in a corner. Did you know you could also make things happen in a boardmember capacity? It’s probably pretty dang fun. Valerie Catrow gives you the how-to.

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Children's home society

Don’t be afraid to cry

For National Foster Care Month, we’re featuring a number of individuals who are somewhere in (or somehow involved with) the foster care or adoption process. Up today was Amy Fields and her social worker, Laura Pitts. Good thing there wasn’t a video situation, or you would see me lose it. As it is, there’s some sniffing you should just go ahead and ignore.

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Abandoned school playground

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What’s all this about closing the schools?

Oh, you better believe Teresa Cole has been in the depths of PDFs so as to bring you the facts behind the RPS’s proposal to close some schools. Is it a good thing? Or a bad thing? Or a whatever thing? There’s a whole lot of shouting going on about this stuff lately, so it’s a good idea to find a quiet place, block out some time, and read through our latest EDU FAQ. Then you’ll have the knowledge you need to soldier on! If you’re loving all this Education stuff, and you want to learn more about how it’s basically the cornerstone to everything, consider attending RVANews Live #007: The State of Education in Richmond, Virginia.

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Speaking of education

Happy end of year, college professors!

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