LISTEN: Our House with Amy Fields

Fostering a child with special needs isn’t easy, but it is amazing.

Amy Fields and her family have had an extraordinary journey to become, well, Amy Fields and Her Family. For National Foster Care Month, we’re highlighting the stories of some parents, kids, and former kids who have been through the process–or haven’t yet.

Here, Amy speaks about the adoption of her youngest, Cary Lynn. An adopted child herself, Amy always knew she wanted to adopt children, particularly special needs children. When Cary Lynn came along, her convictions were tested but (spoiler alert) remained firm.

She’s sitting alongside her social worker, Laura Pitts, who gives us some valuable insight into the other side of an incredibly detailed and emotional process. You will probably also hear me get choked up once or twice, because dang.

But before you listen, some current statistics1 on the kids in Virginia who are waiting to be adopted:

  • 54% are boys
  • 46% are girls
  • 54% are White
  • 33% are African American
  • 8% are Hispanic
  • 11% are multiracial
  • 33% are under age 5
  • 30% are age 13 or older

If we’ve done what we set out to do and convinced you to consider becoming a foster parent, go ahead and contact Laura Pitts directly ( or 804.353.0191 x290). She’s super nice, we promise. Or, just check out the Children’s Home Society of Virginia website and learn a little bit more.


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  1. Data as of January 1st, 2016, via Virginia’s DSS
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