Good Evening, RVA: Music, art, kicks, and bikes

Get out and enjoy the weekend!

Photo by Michael Chronister

It was a day with some Views.

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Practice, practice, practice

Hope Armstrong Erb will fill you with the desire to learn music…or even just be around someone who is learning music. Is it the cure to all ills? It might be! She’s the next in our YWCA Outstanding Women series, and she might just sing a little during this recording.

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Rock, rock, rock

A blues rock band record release paired with a beer release is just about all the releases we can handle around these parts.

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Mustache dog

Art, art, art

Intern Chris has the haps for you teens or teens you may know. We’re glad to see we aren’t the only ones confused as to why emotions even exist.

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Kick, kick, kick

The Kickers welcome a new goalkeeper to the team, while the old one heads to the bacta tank for healing. They’ll face the Evil Whatevers From Toronto this weekend while simultaneously celebrating Bike RVA Fest.

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Bike, bike, bike

Speaking of bikes, if you bike to certain Northside places of commerce on Saturday, you get a discount for being so rad! Start being rad this weekend.

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Sink, sink, sink

Tangier Island is disappearing. This story and its accompanying photographs are moving and sad.

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Name, name, name

Oh hey, look at this: Henrico County Public Schools decided to rename Harry F. Byrd Middle School to Quioccasin Middles School. Now how do we start the process to rename the City’s J.E.B. Stuart Elementary?

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Ha, ha, ha?

Here’s what one elected official said about a man running for president.

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