Our House: Add a bunch of people, blend well

Between himself, his wife, his ex-wife, his wife’s ex-husband, his ex-wife’s new husband, and the relatives of all of the above, Pete Humes has gotten used to juggling the demands of a whole lot of people who want to claim time with their three kids.

The greatest Irish drinking games

OK, OK, we know this is old, but it is consistently one of our most searched articles on this site. Apparently the Internet really wants to know how to throw down really inauthentically on St. Patrick’s Day.

The Governor Tim Kaine Interview

What does Virginia’s Commander-in-Chief think about the financial future of the Commonwealth? His new job as head of the Democratic Justice League? Is there a secret reason he really wants to ban smoking in restaurants?

Bad News Boo’s Richmond Predictions for 2009

If you thought 2008 was a wild ride on the WTF Express, you just wait until 2009 hits its stride!

How to have the most amazing Hot Glue Christmas ever!

Hey you, with the inside-out pockets and upside-down smile! Don’t be sad. When the holidays come and you’re broke as a joke, it’s time to get crafty like a fox!

The Day My Santa Died: Absolutely True Stories of Holiday Innocence Lost

All good things must come to an end. And sometimes that end involves the heart-wrenching realization that life is far less magical than we once believed.

The Best Damn Holiday Specials Ever

For me the best part of the holiday season is what happens on television. But if you flip around the channels these days, it seems that Hollywood ran out of original Holiday Special ideas back in the late seventies. Americans deserve more!

What I am Thankful For

An incomplete list of my humble blessings and gracious good fortunes.

It Sucks to Be You

10 Ways to Dull the Searing Pain of Losing Your Job

How Barack Obama Will Ruin America

Think a fancy new President will fix everything? Think again.