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Ombak – Fan Bricks

After two years of anticipation almost to the day, Richmond’s own Ombak will release their sophomore album, Fan Bricks tonight, Wednesday May 4th at 10pm at Balliceaux. The album is only available for digital download, but the band will be selling limited edition posters at the release party that contain download codes on the back.

Old New Things

Richmond’s small but endlessly creative jazz scene moves so quickly that if you zone out for even just a second, you will miss something great. To most people, the name Old New Things means nothing. Come April 5th that will change, quickly.

Announcing RVAJazzfest 2011

The third annual RVAJazzfest will take place on Saturday, April 9, 2011, and will feature Brooklyn-based Harris Eisenstadt and Canada Day, and Richmond bands Scott Clark 4-tet and Old New Things.

Ombak returns to the studio

On Monday, Ombak went into the new Songwire Studios in downtown Richmond to record for their next album. Trombonist and leader Bryan Hooten said they recorded six tunes — mostly first and second takes — in about five hours. “We recorded enough music to put out a solid EP,” he said. “It covers most of the new tunes we’ve started playing since the first album.”

Musicircus in Photos, Part 2

Our soundless retrospective of Musicircus through photos continues.

Ombak releases Framing the Void at Cous Cous Wednesday

by Dean Christesen Ombak, the current project and alleged brain-child of trombonist Bryan Hooten, will be releasing their debut album this Wednesday, April 29, at their regular bi-weekly gig at Cous Cous. Hooten has been busy sharpening Ombak’s knives around town lately, as well as infiltrating the internet (blog, twitter, facebook, myspace) with music that […]

Ombak – Framing the Void (2009)

by Joey Ciucci Cameron Ralston is the foundation of Richmond’s avant-garde scene. While drummer Brian Jones may be the patriarch and champion of the city’s movement towards a freer, more cohesive, more aware sound, Ralston–who plays bass for Ombak, Fight the Big Bull, Glows in the Dark, Boots of Leather, and Ilad–has emerged as a […]

Recommended reading: Pollard and Parker featured in Style Weekly

Guitarists Trey Pollard and Alan Parker were the subjects of a feature written by Style’s Peter McElhinney. The article touched on their time at VCU, Brian Jones’ thoughts, monkeys playing metal guitar, Glows in the Dark at the Thompson & Grace Balcony Concert Series, and what sounds like a fantastic idea called “Guitarmy.” Make it […]

Ombak Heats it Up This Summer at Cous Cous

Ombak has big shoes to fill. Taking over Fight the Big Bull’s Wednesday night spot at Cous Cous this summer, Ombak, led by trombonist Bryan Hooten, is the sort of band that people are nervous to go see. It is the sort of band that could be labeled “avant garde,” or “experimental,” or some other […]