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From bad to dad: Perceptions of my husband in the wild

My long-haired, bearded, tattooed husband is always the person approached with inquiries about bumming a smoke, or a joke about being a hippie, or those side-eyes. But once we had our daughter, something changed.

Indelible Richmond

This past weekend, the Greater Richmond Convention Center (or at least Ballroom C) was filled to brimming with tattooers, enthusiasts, and the cicada-like thrum of hundreds of tattoo machines working their ways across yards and yards of skin.

New exhibit features local tattoos and their stories

In 2010, The TODAY Show ranked Richmond the third most tattooed city in the country. Now, the Valentine Richmond History Center is set to premiere a new exhibit that will both showcase and catalog many of the local tattoos and artists that earned RVA that distinction.

5 Things

The weekend after Halloween is traditionally a sleepy one in Richmond, but not this time! Prepare to devote this weekend to reorienting, regrouping, and sharpening your sluggish mind.