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The weekend after Halloween is traditionally a sleepy one in Richmond, but not this time! Prepare to devote this weekend to reorienting, regrouping, and sharpening your sluggish mind.

The weekend after Halloween is traditionally a sleepy one in Richmond. But with new exhibits opening, old stew recipes rediscovered, and the history of cultural phenomenon being traced in permanent ink, we’ve got to devote this weekend to reorienting, regrouping, and sharpening our sluggish minds.

1. History Ink: The Tattoo Archive Project – Grand Opening

It’s official. Tattoos are a permanent part of Richmond’s culture. No matter how much we try to scrub them off, they’re firmly implanted as if injected by a hot needle directly into our municipal skin (OK, I don’t really know exactly how tattoos work). The Valentine Richmond History Center, in a genius play for the Coolest Museum in Town distinction, has embraced tattooing’s inky past with an exhibit that celebrates this epidermal art form’s presence in a town not necessarily known for its counterculture. And I say “Kudos to them.” I also say “MOM” and “WINO FOREVER” and “Naked lady perched upon a sword with a snake wrapped around it.” Attend the free grand opening, hear music, and watch some Valentine board members finally get inked up.1

  • Fri. Nov. 2 • 5:00 PM
  • Valentine Richmond History Center, 1015 E. Clay St.
  • Free!

2. 13th Annual Brunswick Stew Festival

This week’s 5 Things column is brought to you by Wikipedia, who provided the valuable knowledge needed to complete this paragraph. See, I always thought Brunswick stew was like a thicker, tomato-based vegetable soup that’s often made by Southern folks to raise funds. Turns out, that’s EXACTLY what it is! At 17th Street Farmer’s Market this Saturday, you’ll be able to buy this hearty regional-or-possibly-German dish along with some other stuff as bands play. Now THAT’s a fall hangout, my friends!

  • Sat. Nov. 3 • 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • 17th Street Farmers’ Market, 17th and Main
  • Free to attend, bring cash to purchase

3. art6 Film Night: Who Killed Chea Vichea

Whoa, I just lost like an hour reading about the trial of Cambodian labor leader Chea Vichea’s “murderers.” We should probably all go see this Richmond-native-produced documentary at art6 so we can learn a little bit about what it’s like to live in a country where freedoms are more limited than ours. You’ll also get to see some avant garde short films. What I’m saying is, you’ll arrive a n00b and leave a beatnik.

  • Sat. Nov. 3 • 7:30 PM
  • art6 Gallery, 6 E. Broad St.
  • $5

4. Family Arts Day Celebration featuring eighth blackbird

True story! I once stumbled across the annual Family Arts Day Celebration at UR’s Modlin Center for the Arts. I had been working all weekend on campus on a very frustrating project, finally finished my work, and then went out to my car only to find that I had a flat tire. I had a sibling working at Modlin that very same day, so I trudged over to sweet-talk him into giving me a lift, when suddenly…I was surrounded by bubbly kids with painted faces holding colorful crafts and holding hands delightedly with parents who looked like they were having just as much fun. I don’t wanna get too hokey here, but let’s just say it didn’t make my day worse. The always genius eighth blackbird is in attendance to help Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals come to life.

  • Sun. Nov. 4 • 3:00 PM
  • Modlin Center for the Arts, University of Richmond
  • $8 for kids, $15 for adults

5. A Taste of Carytown

Virginia wines are the next Big Thing in the world of People Who Feel Strongly About Wine. Come get some tastin’s and see how nine Virginia wineries pair with catering from hyperlocal restaurants. After a few glasses, everything pairs well with everything else, so just take one down, pass it around, and celebrate how the entire Commonwealth of Virginia and the teeny little Carytown district are the two most exciting places to be at this very moment. You know what? That doesn’t even make any sense. You’ve had enough, I think. Why don’t you get out of here, go home, and take a long, long nap.

  • Sun. Nov. 6 • 12:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Cary Court, Carytown
  • $15 in advance, $20 at the gate

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  1. Just an idea, Valentine. Take it or leave it. 


Photo by: robstephaustralia

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