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Storm Chasing with Weather Dan: Throwing a hail mary

A quiet weather pattern in the upcoming days meant we that we were going to have to cut our trip short. We had one more chase day, and we went all in to try to find our tornado.

Storm Chasing with Weather Dan: A change of plans

Sometimes the weather throws us a curve ball. And sometimes, we skip the curve ball altogether and get thrown a knuckle ball instead.

Storm Chasing with Weather Dan: Traveling west

Our first days on the road are travel days, but that’s to be expected. However, a surprise on our first chase day left us all feeing very satisfied.

Storm Chasing with Weather Dan: 2012 Chase Preview

I’m getting ready to head out with the Virginia Tech storm chase crew for another trip to the Great Plains. We’re back looking for more supercell thunderstorms, and hopefully a tornado or two along the way.