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UPDATE: Making the most of cycling fever: Yet more fever!

There are YET MORE things you need to know about how to celebrate cyclelife (which is what the kids are probably calling it) during the next month in bike-race-related-but-not-necessarily-bike-race-affiliated things.

What does 450,000 mean?: UCI weighs in on their oft-misunderstood figure

Many of us have been envisioning a half million visitors to our city, which has a population of about half that. The truth is…out there somewhere. And, while still impressive, the number is much smaller than we anticipate.

The Big Bike Race™ and the Big Race Question

The UCI World Championships route includes a certain statue-studded avenue that’s become the focus of a lot of scrutiny.

Getting around during the UCI Road World Championships

You can still traverse the city with relative ease, but you must inform yourself if you want to avoid a frustrated meltdown.

Making Legends: The Road to Richmond

Cyclists are getting ready to roll into Richmond.

Richmond Young Writers seeking bicycle stories

Calling all writers ages 8 to 17! Submit your bicycle-inspired writing to Richmond Young Writers for a chance to see your work illustrated by local artists.

UPDATE: University of Richmond snags race start location with little trouble

We have an update to the start of the Men’s Elite Road Race on the UR campus!

Bike rack art might be the new mural

The Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce unveiled the new bike rack toppers, which were cast locally and painted by local artists. Currently at the VMFA, this art will eventually come to a bike rack near you.

Make the Worlds a better race for out-of-towners

The Big Bike Race™ is coming whether you have a work-from-home plan or not, so get all that grumbling about parking and street closures out of your system and learn how and why the success of the Worlds is up to you. Yes, YOU.

Finding space for spectators: Where will all the UCI Road World Championship fans go?

Only four months or so until the biggest event Richmond has ever hosted brings upwards of 400,000 visitors over the course of nine days. Where will they all stay? How will they get around? How do we even begin to comprehend that number?