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City’s Chief Administrative Officer hosting town hall meeting November 17th

Selena Cuffee-Glenn will host a community meeting at Albert Hill Middle School to discuss a wide variety of issues.

Young political activist takes to Carytown, produces cringe-worthy viral video

“Excuse me sir, are you a liberal?”

10th District Virginia Senate candidates to face off at VCU

Make an educated decision on your elected officials.

Jack Trammell looking to beat David Brat, replace Eric Cantor

Political pundits nationwide have their eyes on this mild-mannered Randolph-Macon professor.

McAuliffe signs order protecting LGBT state workers

The new order goes beyond similar ones signed by McAuliffe’s predecessors.

Shut it down! The federal government goes home

The effects of the federal government shutdown in Richmond will likely go unnoticed by most–unless there’s a zombie outbreak.

Women still underrepresented in Virginia politics

Today the number of female members of the Virginia House of Delegates stands at 19, the highest it’s ever been. That’s 19 out of 100 House members–a far cry from parity in a state where 50.9 percent of the population is female.

Charles Samuels on role as City Council president

Now in his second term as 2nd District Councilman, Charles Samuels was elected city council president last week by his fellow council members. Samuels talks about what made him run and what his new duties entail.

Samuels likely to be next Council president

According to once City Council member, Charles Samuels is in line to become Council’s next president.

How Jasmine Gore made history on election night in Hopewell’s Ward 4

Jasmine Gore went to VCU to study Biology. Two years after graduating, she’s become one of Hopewell’s youngest politicians in history, and likely the first black female to serve as councilor for Ward 4.