Young political activist takes to Carytown, produces cringe-worthy viral video

“Excuse me sir, are you a liberal?”

A young conservative activist took to the streets of Carytown recently, asking passersby about their political views, point blank.

Galen Ross made his way down Cary Street to ask folks about their political views, opening with a very blunt, “are you a liberal?”

Putting aside any and all political leanings, the entire video is pretty cringe-worthy for its approach and the semi-awkward questions asked in general. At one point, Ross asks a woman if she supports the homeless by “giving them a dollar.” She responds in the affirmative. He then goes on to spot a homeless man and ask if she would like to give him a dollar right now, to which she responds she currently has no change. Ross then comments the “bag of stuff [she] just bought,” as if to set up a ‘gotcha’ scenario, and assuming the woman purchased her goods using cash.

The whole thing is quite entertaining.

So far, the video has amassed just under 75,000 views (and more than 3,000 ‘thumbs down’ votes).

Watch the video for yourself, and let us know what you thought of it, below in the comments.

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Trevor Dickerson

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