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Live at Ipanema: Homemade Knives

Last month Ipanema Cafe hosted a wonderful performance by Homemade Knives. Headed up by Will Loyal, Homemade Knives has very recently come off a three-year sabbatical. Well, folks, they are back in action and just plain wonderful.

Live at Ipanema: The Florentines

Need a soundtrack for your Friday? Allow us to suggest this recent installment of Live at Ipanema featuring The Florentines. As they describe their music, “”It’s folkish, kinda classical, bits of rock, some twang. We like it.” We think you will, too.

Live at Ipanema: The Thirds

Officially into its second year of greatness, Live at Ipanema delivered yet another great show earlier this month with a performance from The Thirds. Have a listen (and a look)…

Live at Ipanema: Long Arms

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, Live at Ipanema, happy birthday to you! That’s right, ladies and gents, Live at Ipanema had its first birthday earlier this month. Let’s listen to some music from Long Arms (and look at some great pictures) to celebrate!

Live at Ipanema: SEAS

Don’t let the all caps fool you — SEAS is not shouty at all. Headed up by former Fairweather guitarist Ben Green, SEAS offers a indie-rock/psych-folk sound that is rich, beautifully layered, and well worth a listen.

Live at Ipanema: Zac Hryciak & The Jungle Beat

After some hiccups during the last couple installments of Live at Ipanema, we are back in action with Zac Hryciak & The Jungle Beat. Have a listen!

Live at Ipanema: The Diamond Center & Josh Small

As we mentioned yesterday, it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything on Live at Ipanema. While The Diamond Center and Josh Small did perform in December and January respectively, there were technical difficulties…

Live at Ipanema: Nick Coward & The Last Battle

Combining guitars, lap steel, saxophones, and strings (among other instruments), Nick Coward & The Last Battle have created a sound well worth a listen. We hope you enjoy it…

Live at Ipanema: Fuzzy Baby

The two-person band known for their quirky subject matter (think love ballads for pasta) stopped by Ipanema earlier this month and put on quite a show. Have a listen…

Live at Ipanema: The Low Branches

In our latest edition of Live at Ipanema, the folks of The Low Branches shared some quality shoe-gazing music with us. Come on in and have a listen…

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