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Jonathan Vassar at Live at Ipanema

Check out last week’s solo set by Jonathan Vassar from the June edition of Live at Ipanema.

Live at Ipanema

With sad eyes and heavy hearts we say farewell to one of our longest running, most popular, and most interesting features: Live at Ipanema.

Live at Ipanema: Anousheh Khalili

Anousheh’s got a voice like whoa and is totally the thing you need to be listening to RIGHT NOW. So click away and get to downloading!

Live at Ipanema: Blasco

The pictures for this set really came out spectacularly: so warm and cozy — just like Ipanema! Go ahead, hit play, and relive (or live for the first time if you missed it) Blasco.

Live at Ipanema: Itchy Hearts

We have two things to say about Andy Cobb, lead singer of The Itchy Hearts: he sounds eerily like Bob Dylan and he’s pretty darn adorable. There. Now you have no choice but to check out the sights and sounds from their January installment of Live at Ipanema.

Live at Ipanema: Englishman

Got the First-Week-Of-January-And-There’s-No-Day-Off-In-Sight Blues? The soulful, homespun music of Englishman is here to help. Have a listen to (and a look at) their appearance at Live at Ipanema last month.

Live at Ipanema: Lydia Ooghe

Lydia Ooghe is so talented and adorable, she’ll make you ladies want to cut off all your hair and start a band. Or just hug her really, really hard. She put on a lovely show at Live at Ipanema last month, and now it’s here for your listening pleasure. Feast your eyes and ears on this…

Live at Ipanema: The Diamond Center (Take 2)

The Diamond Center returns to Live at Ipanema to (once again) blow everyone’s minds with their rich, almost psychedelic sounds and some completely amazing harmonies. And this time you actually get to listen to it!

Live at Ipanema: The Cinnamon Band

Judging from what we saw on Twitter and Facebook, those who made it out to The Cinnamon Band’s appearance at Live at Ipanema last month were quite pleased with what they heard. Rightfully so, as it was quite a show. If you didn’t get the chance to catch them live (or if you just want to experience it again), feast your ears and eyes on this…

Live at Ipanema: River City Band

Looking for a soundtrack for your Friday? Have no fear, River City Band is here. They put on a fun and fantastic show last month at Ipanema Cafe, and we’ve got some delightful sights and sounds posted here for your perusal. Behold the bluegrass goodness…