Live at Ipanema: The Diamond Center & Josh Small

As we mentioned yesterday, it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything on Live at Ipanema. While The Diamond Center and Josh Small did perform in December and January respectively (and you can see the pictures below), there were technical difficulties. Here’s a message from Allen, the gentleman who handles the recordings:

I am sad to say the last two Live at Ipanema concerts (the Diamond Center and Josh Small featuring a set with his father) don’t have the related audio recordings due to my audio interface failing. After discussion with Kendra, owner/operator of Ipanema Cafe, we intend to have these artists back in the coming year for a “second take.”

My sincere apologies to the Diamond Center, Josh Small, Kendra, RVANews, and the wonderful staff at Ipanema. I have the gear in the shop right now, so we’ll be one the mend soon. Plus i have invested in a back up system to ensure this wont happen again.

Please enjoy the photographs and we’ll see you next time!

Allen Bergendahl

Take a look at shots from each show below. And be sure to check out this weekend’s installment of Live at Ipanema: Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat — Sunday, February 7 at 10pm (917 W. Grace Street).

The Diamond Center

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tdc 7

tdc 10

tdc 13

tdc 21

Check out the rest of the images from the performance

(Photos by Holly Brown)

Josh Small








Check out the rest of the images from the performance

(Photos by Phil Bowne)

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