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May: Recording In Our Clubs Month

With May flowers came a couple notable club gigs in Richmond this month, gigs that should stand the test of time.

Weekend roundup: Wilson, Stein, free jazz

A lot went down this weekend in Richmond, but here’s a taste of one thing a day from Friday to Sunday.

Musicircus in Photos, Part 1

Sounds trickled down each hallway until every space in the building was filled with noise. For an hour, the observer’s experience was all his or her own. Nooks and crevasses explored and one’s pace of wandering around added up to create a unique piece of music for each listener.

RVAjazzfest: Glows in the Dark

Glows in the Dark will perform at RVAjazzfest with Steven Bernstein, Fight the Big Bull, and Boots of Leather on February 21, 2009, 8pm, at The Camel. Tickets are $10, all ages welcome. by Joey Ciucci Given Glows in the Dark’s penchant for cerebral, sometimes disorienting tunes, the title of their first album, Music to […]