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Megafaun featuring RVA

Somewhere between Bon Iver’s newest record, their sold out show at The National and trombonist Reggie Pace joining the band, Richmond discovered and fell in love with Justin Vernon’s music. While many in Richmond are familiar with Bon Iver, fewer are familiar with Megafaun. That is about to change. Now based in Durham, North Carolina, […]

Toby Whitaker Big Band at Balliceaux

Wednesday night, a large crowd gathered at Balliceaux to see the Toby Whitaker Big Band and Smalltown as part of the Spacebomb concert series. The bands did not disappoint.

Listening Back: UTV.Chamber and Scott Clark 4-tet

Maybe it was the HopSlam, or maybe it was The Camel’s free weekly jazz series catching on. Either way, both UTV.Chamber and Scott Clark 4-tet had great audiences to play for on Tuesday night.

District rendezvous

From the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center to Subterranean A, last Wednesday night was a night of opposites. In an event advertised as “North meets South”, Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society from Brooklyn and Richmond’s Fight the Big Bull did just that.

Revisiting and reliving Tristano

Jason Scott can’t get away from the music of Lennie Tristano, and it’s a good thing. The gigs on which he performs the piano master’s compositions, as he did on Monday night, are just as much entertaining history lessons as they are a couple sets of interesting and not often heard jazz.

Model for a Monday

Alan Parker 5, Jason Scott 5, and Trio of Justice transformed Monday night with all new music. There’s a theory going around that Wednesday is the new Saturday in Richmond. Does that make Monday the new Wednesday?

Fight the Big Bull at Balliceaux: A new space, a new sound

Last night, coming off of their three year gig at the restaurant and bar Cous Cous, Fight the Big Bull began their new bi-weekly residency at Balliceaux. The difference from the old home turf to the new was striking, from the band’s sound to their appearance.

Weekend roundup: Wilson, Stein, free jazz

A lot went down this weekend in Richmond, but here’s a taste of one thing a day from Friday to Sunday.