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College Football: Week 12

Hokies pick up a huge win over nationally ranked Miami, and the Hoos limp into a bye week.

College Football: Week 11

Everything is terrible. Nothing is not terrible.

College Football: Week 10

The Hokies give up an embarrassing loss to Duke, and the Hoos stare at what could be their sixth straight loss.

College Football: Week 9

Hokies face Duke, Wahoos face the worst season in a decade, and this weekend gives you a chance to see a real, live Pac-12 game!

College football: Week 7

The Hoos start to spiral, Hokies face a longtime foe, and this weekend’s watch picks.

CFB Week 14: Championship week & conference realignment

Another week, another shift in the college football conference realignment landscape. Plus championships!

CFB Week 13: Rivalry week!

While good teams across the country are battling each other in meaningful games, the Hokies and the Hoos battle for honor? I guess?

CFB Week 12: The week before rivalry week is…weak

Apparently the SEC schedules cupcakes the penultimate week of the season? You’ve got to dig a little harder this week to find the games worth watching.

CFB Week 11: The thousand-beer edition

It’s week 11 and I have to keep it brief, as I’m on the way to Blacksburg to watch the Hokies “play”–if what they do on the football field lately could be described as such.

CFB Week 9: Bye weeks all around!

After yet another week of heartbreaking losses, the Hokies and the Hoos stumble home for a much needed bye week. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of college football to watch!