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Renew Richmond uses food to grow low-income communities

John Lewis speaks a new language of healthy eating that just might change the city’s urban agriculture.

Raising Richmond: Seeds plus dirt plus water

Share my wisdom with your children and grandchildren, little one.

Gardenwars: Week 7

It’s the penultimate week of Gardenwars! Our brave gardeners continue to harvest their bounty despite an oppressive heat wave.

Gardenwars: Week 4

With July comes tomatoes, which, if we’re being honest with ourselves, is most of the reason anyone gardens in the first place.

Respecting the Playground: Gardening Projects in Richmond Public Schools

Everyone is going green these days and local schools are no exception. Aside from promoting recycling and reusable merchandise in the school shops, parents and administrators are recognizing the importance of getting kids involved with growing things on school grounds.