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Fight the Big Bull, Matthew E. White to perform at the Sydney Opera House

Matthew E. White’s older, instrumental project, Fight the Big Bull, will be on the marquee of the Sydney Opera House on June 1st and 2nd.

The list: five essential non-jazz records for the jazz listener/musician

At any given jazz show, the chances of seeing a pop tune covered are almost the same as seeing traditional jazz standards performed. Here are five albums worth knowing before you head to the club.

Amazing May

Photo by Lauren Serpa. Cameron Ralston (bass) is a member of Ombak, Fight the Big Bull and Glows in the Dark in addition to other groups. In December RVAJazz always recaps the events of the previous year. This May, so much awesome stuff has happened that it is worth looking back now. Goodbye Dean – […]

District rendezvous

From the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center to Subterranean A, last Wednesday night was a night of opposites. In an event advertised as “North meets South”, Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society from Brooklyn and Richmond’s Fight the Big Bull did just that.

Conduction at The Camel

On Tuesday night, Brian Jones will be conducting Fight the Big Bull through a series of improvisations. Sounds weird, and cool. We don’t normally think of improvised music being conducted. But if you saw him play with the group at Musicircus 2009 (conducting from the back line) or have ever seen him perform (especially with his percussion ensemble), you know it’s not completely farfetched. Jones is a fan of Lawrence “Butch” Morris and his technique of conducting large ensembles through improvised music called conduction. No, it doesn’t have to do with physics. Not really, anyway. Instead, Butch Morris’s conduction involves an array of hand gestures to direct an ensemble’s improvisations. Recalling themes, dynamics, mimicking another musician, changing tempi or keys. All of this and more is in the hands of the conductor. Jones — who appears on both of FTBB’s Clean Feed albums — knows the band inside and out, which will make Tuesday night under his direction doubly interesting.

DKD and FTBB in RVA tomorrow

Fight the Big Bull and David Karsten Daniels come together tomorrow night at The Camel. It’s a big deal. Here’s why.

Covering all the bases

With good intentions and high hopes, Balliceaux begins charging covers for live music, putting their free-shows-only policy on hold.

David Karsten Daniels & Fight the Big Bull: Thoreau-ly invested

I Mean To Live Here Still is the brand new album out next week that expands David Karsten Daniels’s horizons and is catapulting Richmond’s Fight the Big Bull into new limelights.

Listen first on NPR

The new David Karsten Daniels & Fight the Big Bull album, I Mean to Live Here Still, is getting lots of deserved attention. It’s an album that marks a big step for Richmond’s own lovable beast, FTBB, and one that we’ll be discussing on this blog very soon. But now, with a week until the album’s release, NPR is giving you the chance for an exclusive first listen of the entire album.

It’s something they do all the time, and they’re even featuring other new albums this week by Jason Moran and the Bandwagon and Herbie Hancock.

A great way to spend a morning, as I’m figuring out once again…

May: Recording In Our Clubs Month

With May flowers came a couple notable club gigs in Richmond this month, gigs that should stand the test of time.