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Things a Fake Richmonder wants to save more than he wants to honor Maggie Walker

Richmonders have come out in force to express concern over the possible removal of a live oak on Broad and Brook Road to make way for a plaza featuring a Maggie Walker monument.

Fake Richmonder visits the fortune teller in City Hall’s basement

Fake Richmonder relays information learned from a recent visit to a fortune teller about Richmond’s spooky future.

Fake Richmonder remembers Folk Fests from years past

Every year, there’s a performer who stands out that really makes you proud to be an American, a North American, a Western Hemispherean, or simply a human being.

Unsubstantiated rumors a Fake Richmonder has heard about the Big Bike Race™

If someone said it on the Internet, it’s gotta be true.

A Fake Richmonder’s recycling bin repurposing guide

Now that most of us have the big recycling carts, the little green guys are no longer necessary. It seems counterproductive to throw them away, so a Fake Richmonder has some ideas.