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Compass Rose Orchestra

The Richmond jazz scene is all about bands. While the Compass Rose Orchestra has been around for a few years, they are gaining momentum and are quickly becoming one of the premier original music groups in Richmond.

Listening back: Miller’s Band (set #2)

The much anticipated recording of Miller’s Band at The Camel

Listening Back: Miller’s Band

The much anticipated recording of Miller’s Band at The Camel

Listening Back: Devonne Harris’s Reeverb + 2 bonus sets

It’s about time that drummer and multi-instrumentalist Devonne Harris had a night to himself. He’s one of Richmond’s most in demand drummers as a side man, but the guy has plenty going on for himself.

UTV.chamber: The First Letter

A cast of old and new faces, The First Letter offers a new perspective on UTV.chamber’s music.

Listening Back: Lucas Fritz Quintet and Old Soul

Presenting the next generation. This week on Listening Back, we hear from Lucas Fritz Quintet and Old Soul, two student-led groups with big ideas.

Two trios tear it up at The Camel

Last night at The Camel, Trio of Justice and Marcus Tenney Trio continued the venue’s weekly jazz series to an enthusiastic crowd. Even trombonist Sam Savage was there to share in the magic, and we got audio from the whole night.

Guitar summit (but everyone’s invited)

Looking into an audience of mostly musicians between tunes on a Monday night in December, guitarist Alan Parker quipped something to the effect of “Welcome to the RVA jazz musician’s summit.” It was a pretty accurate assessment: like that one, some shows just turn out to be musician hangs with nary a casual non-musician observer […]

Trio of Justice: Without hesitation

The other day, I ambushed Trio of Justice (formerly R2DToo), a relatively new band comprised of Reggie Pace, Reginald Chapman, and Devonne Harris, after one of their rehearsals. In an exclusive video interview, they all speak with the same humor, spontaneity and sophistication that inspire their music.

Model for a Monday

Alan Parker 5, Jason Scott 5, and Trio of Justice transformed Monday night with all new music. There’s a theory going around that Wednesday is the new Saturday in Richmond. Does that make Monday the new Wednesday?