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CMoR Short Pump closing for one week

Hey, parents! Read this before you load the kids up in the car and head all the way out to the Pump.

5 Things for Families

I’m not one to break out the clichéd expressions about how hot it is and the humidity and whatever, but that’s only because I’m too busy sitting in front of a giant box fan and can’t hear anyone to have small talk about the weather. Check out these mostly indoor, mostly free options for the coming week.

CMoR’s Summer Series kicks off this weekend

On select weekends in July and August CMoR Central and CMoR Chesterfield will host some seriously fun events–all free with museum admission.

5 Things for Families

Headlining this weekend for families are comic books, music (Iron and Wine!), food, and the final days before the impending humidity kills us all.

Junior internships up for grabs at CMoR

Hey, high schoolers! The Children’s Museum of Richmond is looking for a few responsible teens.

Road to No Reaction heads toward CMoR

Allergy musician (did you know there was such a thing?) Kyle Dine is on a mission: to use positive, kid-friendly music to raise awareness about food allergies. He’ll let Richmond in on the fun with a stop at CMoR – Central on May 12th.

5 Things

Lessee, some ghost tours, a couple of dinners, American Indians, purple stuff…I feel like there’s something else. What is it!? I know I’ll think of it any minute…

Raising Richmond: Get out while you can!

Well, looky-there, it’s October. I’m not sure how that happened either, but happen it did and it only means one thing: Winter is coming. We must embrace these final weeks of optimal weather and squeeze out every last bit of kid-friendly outdoor entertainment possible.