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Lessee, some ghost tours, a couple of dinners, American Indians, purple stuff…I feel like there’s something else. What is it!? I know I’ll think of it any minute…

Lessee, some ghost tours, a couple of dinners, American Indians, purple stuff…I feel like there’s something else. What is it!? Dang it all to heck. I know I’ll think of it the minute this is published.

1. American Indian Music and Dance Show

Kids are our future. So it’s important that we send them forward onto the Bifröst of destiny with at least a scant knowledge about our continent’s aboriginal people. What I’m saying is: bring those little hellions to CMoR this Friday to an expo of the rich traditions of the cultures that preceded us. There will be music! There will be dance! There will be moves passed down through generations! And your kid will be awestruck at the feathery getups that American Indian kids got to wear on a REGULAR BASIS.1 At the very least, those tots’ll leave with some Halloween costume ideas that are more constructive than Sexy Captain America or whatever kids are dressing themselves up as these days.

  • Fri. Oct. 12 •12:30 PM
  • Children’s Museum of Richmond, 2626 W. Broad St.
  • $8 admission, free for members

2. Have A Frightfully Ghoulish Time in Shocktober, Which Is So Good, It’s Scary

Halloween will burst out of its shallow grave in just a matter of weeks, or should I say…in a matter of shrieks! If you’re mad about the holiday but either too old for trick-or-treating or just trying to keep an eye on your ghoulish figure, slither to the shadowy parts of town. Besides the fact that these events are all a real scream, you’ll be sure to find out something new about Richmond’s terror-ific past. The guides of Eerie Nights Ghost Tour are frightfully enthusiastic about their craft, and those on the Ghouls Ghost Tour are dying to be of service. If your legs are killing you, hop a hayride to hell at Creepy Hollow Scream Park and prepare to have a wickedly exciting howl-iday. Allllll right, that’s all I got. I am punned out, man.

  • Thurs. Oct. 11 – Sat. Oct. 13 • various times
  • All over town (see respective sites)
  • See sites for pricing information

3. Richmond Folk Festival

THE. FLINGIN’. FLANGIN’. FOLK FESTIVAL!! I swear I haven’t spoken to one person all week who hasn’t brought up the Richmond Folk Festival with a smile, a wink, and a feverishly obsessed look in their eye. If you’re new to town, just look astonished whenever someone asks you if you’re going to the Folk Festival. “Why of course I’m going, you twit! Why do you think I moved here in the first place!” Then retreat before they sniff out your ignorance and hit you with a ukulele. You’ve got this afternoon and maybe early tomorrow morning (if you skip breakfast) to bone up on why the FF has become, dare I say it, the South by Southwest of Central Virginia Folk Festivals. All joking aside, Richmonders really will throw ukuleles at you, so consider attending this free event (and check out our guide for all the stuffs you need to know).

  • Fri. Oct. 12 – Sun. Oct. 14 • see site for times
  • Brown’s Island
  • Free to attend and lots of things are free to watch

4. Bubbles and Bites Progressive Dinner

bravo!, Richmond CenterStage’s Young Professional organization, showcases its four partner restaurants in this dinner-and-drink tour of Richmond eateries. For only 50 bones, you can chow down at 2113 Bistro-Lounge, Lemaire, 525 at the Berry Burk, and Pasture. And yes, you winos, you get to drink there too AND be shuttled about responsibly. Definitely report back on the cuisine of each of these restaurants as well as the number of times someone says “The Scottish Play” with a knowing look.

  • Fri. Oct. 12 • 6:00 PM
  • CenterStage, 600 E. Grace St.
  • $50 (includes one drink ticket per restaurant)

5. Feast RVA

And now, WE FEAST! Feast RVA is back, m’f-ers! These dudes host a catered dinner at which nervous artists plead their case to you, the empowered attendee. If those creative folks have a project worth funding, you’ll shake off your food coma long enough to vote for your favorite, and the night’s proceeds will go towards the completion of that project. This time around, the theme is a green one, so expect seeds, co-ops, and popsicles. You can mull over which one is your favorite as you gobble up Lamplighter catering and ponder over the soulful twanging of musician Josh Small.

  • Sun. Oct. 14 • 6:30 PM
  • Page Bond Gallery, 1625 W. Main St.
  • $25

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  1. Unsupported fact. 


Photo by: Michael | Ruiz

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