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September 4th Precinct MPACT meeting set for Thursday evening

This month, the focus turns to the GRTC Bus Rapid Transit project with a presentation from guest speaker Carrie Rose Pace.

Information and community input opportunities for BRT/Pulse

A million (maybe literally) pages of information for you now exist, as a bunch of reports just became available. Also, there’s a meeting tomorrow night that you should go to, if you find yourself spending at least half your waking moments arguing with someone for/against bus rapid transit in Richmond.

UPDATE: GRTC responds to FDA’s statement against Pulse

The Fan District says, “Nope,” and the GRTC still says, “Yes.” Both letters are contained herein.

RVA’s bus rapid transit updated

GRTC releases some more details of the future BRT system.

Vote for name of new GRTC bus rapid transit line

City’s first BRT line needs a name before it opens in 2017.

Day #085: Yield to Bus (Rapid Transit)

A year-old suggestion for buses has even more meaning with Broad Street BRT in the works. 

Day #057: Keep BRT rapid

Plans can get watered down over the course of four years. Richmond can learn some lessons from failed BRT projects.

Federal grant gives $25 million for RVA bus rapid transit

Which will fund half of the proposed project.

Meetings this week to discuss Bus Rapid Transit

Meetings are on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Main Street Station and the DMV.