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VCU to retire Bradford Burgess’s jersey

When Burgess returns to the Siegel Center to have his legacy solidified in the rafters of the house that he decorated, he will be remembered as a foundation, a pioneer, and “Big Shot Brad.”

VCU lands a big commit, Bradford Burgess gets signed, and season tickets are still hard to get

In college basketball, teams are built during the season, but programs are built during the offseason. And this offseason has been particularly fruitful for the Rams.

Looking back at a busy week for VCU basketball

VCU officially leaves the CAA for the A10; Bradford Burgess, Jamie Skeen, and Larry Sanders join NBA Summer Leagues; and VCU adds a talented 2013 SG. VCU basketball is alive and well in July.

Burgess’s name goes uncalled in the NBA Draft

On Thursday night 60 names were called, but Bradford Burgess fell short in the 2012 NBA draft.

The pieces of last season’s well-oiled HAVOC machine

Last October, the Virginia Commonwealth University Rams had so much unproven talent on their roster that even speculating about lineups and rotations was a waste of time, but by March, the team looked like a well oiled “HAVOC” machine. Here’s a look at the pieces of that machine.

Saying goodbye to “Big Shot” Bradford Burgess

Bradford Burgess leaves behind an unprecedented legacy at VCU: three NCAA Tournament banners, a CBI Championship banner, a Final Four Banner, a #6 final ranking banner, and several VCU records. It’s going to be tough to say goodbye!

Check the Rhyme: The soundtrack to VCU’s HAVOC is hip hop

One way that VCU’s Coach Smart blocked out distractions this season was by focusing on preparation, scouting, and game planning with his assistant coaches. However, the players used an additional tool before the game to help them wreak HAVOC: a locker room soundtrack of hip hop music.

Recap: VCU vs. Wichita State

The Rams are at it again. The #12 Virginia Commonwealth University Rams upset the #5 Wichita State Shockers 62-59 on Thursday night in Portland, Oregon.

What to expect: VCU faces Wichita St.

Last year the VCU Rams captured countless imaginations with their improbable run from the First Four to the Final Four. After losing four key seniors, the Rams are unexpectedly back in the NCAA tournament. Thursday night, the new look Rams face the Wichita State Shockers on CBS in what promises to be a classic battle between a great offense and a great defense.

Meet the Rams

As VCU heads back to the NCAA tournament, Richmond is filled with newly minted Ram fans. This is fantastic! So if you’re just now getting into college basketball and are wondering who exactly makes up the 2011/12 edition of the VCU Rams, wonder no longer.