Top 9 notes from Friday’s CAA Tournament

A totally useless and mind-numbing read – except for Justin Morgan.

  1. Obviously K.P. should start sporting the Detlef Schrempf flat top circa his heyday with the Sonics.
  2. For RVANews staffers bestowed with a media pass, lunch = catered Buzz and Ned’s. Dinner, well, generic pasta/meatballs. You can’t win ’em all.
  3. So much free pie and soda.
  4. Plenty of time to talk about 90’s expansion teams (and their colors). Side note: What would a Richmond expansion team be (name, colors, sport)?
  5. Realizing how sad William and Mary’s fans are. Not only did they bring two handfuls of people to the student section but they forgot their band? AND the loudest cheering section for W&M was a handful of ODU bros who had adopted the Tribe for a game.
  6. For RVANews staffers clever enough to realize the full possibility of the media pass, one wave does the ladies in. For Justin: go to Popkins after the game and flash your media pass – trust me.
  7. Some seriously non-dramatic basketball. Four games and combined margin of victory of 59 points.
  8. The realization that the Coliseum is blessed with loads of charm. A less than pleasing appeal to the eye BUT loads of charm AND a pleasant bar. (Justin: do not get sidetracked. To Popkins you will head, not the charming Coliseum bar)
  9. Absolutely cannot wait to let VCU/Eric Maynor loose on this tournament. Come Monday (knock on wood) the Coliseum will be the HOTTEST ticket in town. The VCU energy is palpable.
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    Matthew E. White

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