A Spacebomb Thanksgiving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, a young record label reflects on its first year.

What the Folk Festival can teach us

Music can be a lens to peer into our humanities chaos, it can magnify hidden flaws and surprising strengths that the rest of our circumstances fail to accentuate.

Spacebomb: Dub is a verb

Dub music is a sub-genre of Reggae music that grew in prominence from the late 60s and throughout the 70s in Jamaica. It is wildly entertaining, thoroughly danceable, fad-oriented, and intensely consumer driven. Put your headphones on: it’s learnin’ time.

Spacebomb: History of a process, part 3

Under the right pen the conscience of our society has been displayed openly and we have voices to stand up against our enemies. Most importantly, we possess songs that sit beside us in our greatest need, songs that are realistic projections of the complexity of our human journey.

Spacebomb: History of a process, part 2

The process that the big band era had used had worked wonders for artists like Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, but it was what this same process did after the tidal wave of rock and roll swept the country that really interests the Spacebomb Records team.

Spacebomb: History of a process, part 1

By fostering a similar value system that held true for records in the first half of the twentieth century, Spacebomb Records is embarking on the road less traveled for record labels on this side of the millennium. This is part one of the history of that process.

Spacebomb: Blau and White make records

Photos from the two week adventure that was Karl Blau’s sojourn in Richmond. What a blast! We made two great records in two weeks, which is crazy!

Introducing Spacebomb Records

Welcome to Spacebomb Records, where we champion curiosity and make the hits of an alternate, more sonically adventurous universe. If Spacebomb believes anything we believe it takes a village to make a record.

VCU gets Signature Victory vs #17 Oklahoma

Though clad in my lucky seersucker jacket and wearing a lucky Indian braid (which usually yields the most extravagant of successes) I made the trek down to the Siegel Center with low expectations for the night’s game against Number 17 Oklahoma.

Music of the Imagination

The soundscapes and shattered songs of Bryan Hooten and Ombak’s Framing the Void