Redskins: What a happy Thanksgiving!

This season has really run the full spectrum of emotions: we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve screamed, we’ve stared blankly at the television. But at least we beat Dallas.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, INDEED! Guys, I’m just so so happy–we beat Dallas! Not only did we beat Dallas, but we did it at Dallas and on Thanksgiving. This season has really run the full spectrum of emotions: we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve screamed, we’ve stared blankly at the television. And now at least we finally have something worth fighting for. I think the worst feeling is when Redskins fans finally give up mid-season and turn totally apathetic. Well, that’s not completely true; the worst feeling is when they stop showing the Redskins on television, that’s truly rock bottom. But somehow we’ve managed to come back to life in two weeks with two big division wins.

On top of the Redskins winning the elusive Thanksgiving game, 38-31, I was able to watch the game with my family. My sister said that it wasn’t any fun watching games with me and my dad. I think we stressed her out, but in our defense, the Redskins stress us out. She also had the nerve to announce in the 4th quarter that there was “no way” that the Redskins could lose the game.

Rookie mistake. But my nephews were digging the energy (and by energy, I mean the yelling at the television). My youngest nephew was totally adorable and brought out his football cards to see which Redskin players he had in the pack. He went through one by one, asking me about each one. Then, as the Cowboys were mounting their Clint-Longley-type-comeback, he handed me a card, and I couldn’t help but laugh. I do appreciate his comedic timing: it was none other than he-who-shall-not-be-named, Albert Haynesworth.

Nephew: Does he play for the Redskins?

Me: Dude, I’m not sure he ever played for the Redskins, even when he played for the Redskins.

He was a little confused. Evidently sarcasm is lost on 9-year-olds.

The game definitely had its ups and its downs. In typically Redskins fashion, we managed to squander a 28-3 lead at the half, allowing the Cowboys to come within a touchdown. I announced in the 4th quarter that if it came down to an onside kick, I was going to jump out a window. OK, maybe I was being slightly dramatic, but it does show just how predictable the Redskins are. After settling for a field goal to bring the score to 38-31, Dallas did attempt the onside kick. Thankfully, it was a terrible kick, straight to DeAngelo Hall, who made one of the smartest moves I’ve ever seen him make. He downed the ball on the 2-yard line, meaning we wouldn’t have to kick off again with 12 seconds left in the game. I know that it would have been miraculous for the Cowboys to score a touchdown with 12 seconds left, but if anyone could make it happen, it would be the Redskins. Maybe he did it so RGIII could finish out the game. Maybe he did it because he has that little faith in his secondary. For whatever reason, kudos, man!

Our offense did look beast. That route to Aldrick Robinson will not get old. He had a 68-yard touchdown reception in the first, giving us the lead that we never lost. Santana also had that great touchdown reception right before the half, off of a Hall interception. Man, so good! And our defense didn’t look that bad, which I think is a massive compliment considering this season. Hall, London Fletcher, and Madieu Williams all had huge plays. I was super worried that Fletcher wouldn’t be able to play on Thursday, but he once again proved how awesome he is. And then he topped his own awesome by breaking up that pass from Romo to WR Miles Austin (Kim Kardashian’s ex! Gratuitous reality television reference!). Williams has been a little infuriating this season, but he was able to break up that sure touchdown reception to Dez Bryant in the 4th, forcing Dallas to settle for a field goal and then onside kick.

Our offensive line and our secondary continue to give me heart palpitations, especially as we get ready to face New York next week. Even more so when I start to think what happened last time we play New York. Bottom line though is that WE BEAT DALLAS, making that last piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving evening even sweeter.


  • Pierre Garçon. Seriously, the guy is like missing a toe or something and is still so incredibly fast. That might not be an entirely accurate medical diagnosis, but that’s what I figure a “plantar plate tear” must be.
  • How mad do you think Jerry Jones is that we have RGIII and he has Tony Romo? As mad as he was when he realized he left the roof to his stadium open during a rainstorm?
  • I know Chris Cooley hasn’t made a catch yet as a Redskin 2.0, but it is that time of year to give thanks. And I’ll always be thankful for Chris Cooley.


  • Brandon Banks, touchbacks are OK, you know. Fielding the ball in the end zone for seven yards is not OK.
  • Slightly off topic, but what was up with Kenny Chesney’s face during the halftime show? Hello, facelift!
  • I will never be OK with Troy Aikman commentating Redskins games. I so miss listening to Sonny and Sam. Remember back in the day, when you could listen to Redskins radio and watch the game on mute? Then Janet Jackson came along and introduced the 6-second delay, leaving us to suffer with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for eternity.

— ∮∮∮ —

The craziest thing about the past two weeks is the fact that people are actually talking playoffs. I get it. It’s a huge stretch. We would need to win the rest of our games this season, and some other big teams will need to start losing (looking at you, New York). Things got a little tricky with New York beating Green Bay on Sunday. But there is always that elusive wild card spot, and a lot of teams that needed to lose on Sunday did (New Orleans, Miami, Tampa Bay).

Playoffs or not, the point is that, for the first time in a long time, December football may mean something. But first, we have to beat New York on Monday. Talk about a “must-win” game. Our secondary has to stop Victor Cruz. I hope that a long break will be just what we need to recover and mentally prepare for Monday Night Football.

My heart starts pounding just thinking about it.


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Beth Petty

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