Redskins: The offseason

The offseason. A time when Redskin fans gradually stop complaining about the team and start complaining about other things: the cold weather, then the humidity, then the humidity AND the Nationals

Redskins: It was a good run

Welp, it was a good run. No, it was a great run. But unfortunately, it came to an end on Sunday, when the Redskins lost to Seattle, 24-14, ending their season and their seven-game streak.

Redskins: We want Dallas!

In typical heart-attack-inducing fashion, the Eagles-Redskins game came down to the final play, thankfully, the we held the Eagles, defeating them 27-20.


I may be the most negative Redskins fan on the planet. And even I’m getting excited. I haven’t had this much fun watching the Redskins since I was a little girl–long before Tony Romo was playing like one.


Between the Redskins’ win and news of Kate Middleton’s baby, I can say with certainty it was the happiest Monday I’ve had in a while.

Redskins: What a happy Thanksgiving!

This season has really run the full spectrum of emotions: we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve screamed, we’ve stared blankly at the television. But at least we beat Dallas.

Redskins: Dallas hate week

The Redskins won! Time to rejoice! Time to celebrate! Now we face the dreaded Thanksgiving game.

Redskins: Tired of keeping it posi

After so many years of disappointment, believe it or not, I can stay pretty positive about the Redskins. That usually lasts until week eight or nine.

Redskins: First we were all “Guys, we did it!” then we were all “Haha, jk, nevermind.”

Sunday’s loss was just a heartbreaker. No other way around it.

Redskins: The start of a home winning streak!

Despite a slow first-quarter start, the Redskins snapped their eight-game home losing streak with a win over the Vikings. HAIL!