Commonwealth Power Rankings, November 25th

VCU and Virginia maintain the hold on the top two spots in this week’s Commonwealth Power Rankings, while Richmond moves into the top three.

After a busy weekend of exempt tournaments, things are starting to shake out in the Commonwealth. VCU lost two games in Puerto Rico, but UVA hasn’t played a tough enough schedule to take the top spot. Moving forward, every team will have plenty of opportunities to move up in the rankings. For now, this is how the teams stand after three weeks.

Date Home Away Result/Time
Nov. 18 VT VMI VT won 105-92.
Nov. 23 Liberty UVA UVA won 75-53.
Nov. 26 UVA Hampton 7:00 PM
Nov. 27 W&M VMI 7:00 PM
Nov. 29 Hampton Liberty 2:00 PM
Nov. 29 VT Radford 2:00 PM
Nov. 30 Richmond JMU 6:00 PM

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4-2, 0-0

Tough loss to Georgetown, especially considering the Hoyas lost to Northeastern.Gary Cope


13 PTS


4-1, 0-0

The Cavaliers have only played one real game and we all know how that ended. Aaron Williams


25 PTS


4-2, 0-0

The Spiders’ 3rd place finish at the HOF Tipoff Tourney keeps them in pace with the Commonwealth’s best.Adam Williams


27 PTS

George Mason

4-1, 0-0

The Patriots remain in the Commonwealth’s top 3 despite losing their first game of the season to a gritty Iona squad.Adam Williams


41 PTS

Virginia Tech

3-3, 0-0

Do you know what a young male turkey is called? A jake. We have dubbed the Hokies the Jake Squad. They actually don’t look half bad. In fact, they might actually win an ACC game or two this year.Gary Cope


44 PTS

Old Dominion

4-1, 0-0

Tuesday’s matchup against West Virginia will test the Monarch’s #6 Commonwealth rankingAdam Williams


55 PTS

Norfolk State

3-2, 0-0

Norfolk St. Last season: 295th offense and 93rd offense. This season: 96th offense and 324th defense.Aaron Williams


59 PTS


4-2, 0-0

The Keydets can run and gun. They’ll win some games this year.Gary Cope


68 PTS


2-3, 0-0

After playing Virginia on Tuesday, the Pirates’ toughest opponent will be North Carolina Central. Expect plenty of wins.Aaron Williams


68 PTS


3-1, 0-0

Three straight Ws for the Highlanders make them look like Big South contenders. Aaron Williams


70 PTS


2-4, 0-0

The Dukes lead the CAA in free throw percentage and losses. You take the good, you take the bad.Ross Catrow


72 PTS

William & Mary

2-3, 0-0

VMI visits the Tribe on Wednesday. Tune in if you like offense.Aaron Williams


88 PTS


2-3, 0-0

Senior Tristan Carey is averaging 18.8 points per game and leads the Big South in shot percentage–but he still plays for Longwood.Ross Catrow


97 PTS


1-4, 0-0

According to, only five teams in the nation have worse adjusted defensive efficiency than the Flames. It’s going to be a long year. Aaron Williams

Contributors: Ross Catrow (VT; RVANews), Gary Cope (VT; Tech Hoops), Curt Dudley (JMU), Eric Hobeck (Longwood), Brian Leung (UVA; Streaking the Lawn), Adam Williams (UR), Aaron Williams (VCU; RVANews)

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