Chartsandgraphs: VCU & the 2012 NCAA tournament

Another season, another NCAA tournament, and another excuse to create some chartsangraphs. Here’s a quick look at some interesting numbers heading into the 2012 NCAA tournament.

Number of teams to sell out every home game


The Rams, of course, are one of those fives teams. The others: Duke, Michigan State, Gonzaga, and Kansas

How many consecutive games has Bradford Burgess started?


That’s not only a VCU record, but an all-time NCAA record. The record’s previous holder: Patrick Ewing.

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Coach Smart’s salary per win, WITH bonuses in 2010


Coach Smart’s salary per win, WITHOUT bonuses in 2011


After last year’s fantastic Final Four run, Coach Smart’s salary more than tripled: he now makes $1.2 million per year before any bonuses. To break that down a bit, here’s what he made last year, per win WITH bonuses compared to this year WITHOUT bonuses.

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Wins per year & steals per games


We all know about VCU’s HAVOC defense. Here’s a look at the last decade of wins (in black) and steals per game (in gold).

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Top 10 teams by total steals in the 2011 season


It is pretty crazy just how many times VCU steals the ball. The difference between the Rams and the #2 team, Ohio, is 42, while the difference between the #2 and #10 team is only 32.

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Vendors requesting permission to make VCU gear in 2010


Vendors requesting permission to make VCU gear in 2011


Heading to the Final Four does more than just get you a fancy banner to hang in your arena. It gets you lots and lots of GEAR.

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Margin of loss in VCU’s last six losses


The Rams got off to a rough 3-3 start, but once they turned it up, they never looked back. Here’s the, ever-decreasing, margin of loss for their last six (and only) losses this season.

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A segment from ESPN, Numbers Never Lie!

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