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The week ahead: Unsettled and cool, keeping an eye on later next week

Despite the “unstable” outlook for the first part of the week, we don’t need to write off any of the upcoming weekend. Unfortunately, the threat of another nor’easter looms for later in the week. And I even slipped in a sneak peek at the forecast for next weekend’s Anthem Richmond Marathon.

A look back at Hurricane Sandy (2012)

Sandy is no longer a hurricane, but the damage across the Mid-Atlantic and New England has been done. While Richmond was spared from the worst, we still had local impacts from the system.

The week ahead: dry, warm fall weather. Plus, a look at NOAA’s winter forecast.

While Richmond is trying to shake off some lingering showers this morning, there’s much better news in store for this weekend and next week. This morning’s showers are thanks to a cold front that’s been crossing Virginia since Thursday afternoon. Clear skies lurk behind the front, and we’ll see an area of high pressure set […]

The week ahead: dry, seasonable temperatures for the Folk Festival; rain Monday.

There’s only one kind of weather on tap for this year’s Folk Festival, and it’s grade “A” for “awesome.” Showers and thunderstorms on Monday threaten what what would be a 7-day streak of some gorgeous early fall weather.

The week ahead: warm temperatures linger, but not for long; rain and much cooler temperatures in store by Sunday.

The humidity is on its way out, and our warm weather is not far behind. Rain in store for Sunday will put a damper on your weekend plans; get outside on Saturday. Plus, there’s a sneak peek at the forecast for the Folk Festival next weekend.

The week ahead: cooler temperatures, overcast skies, and rain chances through midweek.

A stalled frontal boundary and a series of weak disturbances are going to create a very dreary week ahead, and it’s the State Fair’s fault, some believe. Are you ready for overcast skies and temperatures in the 60s and lower 70s? Fall is here!

The week ahead: It’s the first week of fall, y’all

We’ve got another shot of cold air coming over the weekend, bringing much cooler temperatures starting Sunday and a shot for some rain Saturday evening. Are you ready for fall? It’s here, whether you are or not. And what happened with this past Tuesday’s severe weather?

Today’s severe weather risk – pack an umbrella

A weather trifecta may be setting up today; heavy rain, strong winds, and an isolated tornado are all possible as a cold front and a whole lot of moisture meet in the skies of Virginia today.

The week ahead: Rain early, slightly cooler temperatures later next week

We’ve gone almost a full week without rain, but that streak is going to come to an end by Monday. Rain and even cooler temperatures in store for the week ahead.

The week ahead: Severe weather Saturday, but drier, cooler next week

While Saturday looks to be at least a partial washout, and severe weather threatens to derail Saturday night’s NASCAR race (sorry, race fans), there’s some good news. Once we’re done dealing with severe weather, we’ve got some incredible weather headed our way for next week. Are you ready for cooler temperatures and reduced humidity? I know I am.

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