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Civil War: The winter of desertion

They were committed to their Cause. They were angry at the other half of their nation. They were willing to fight to the death! Until a winter of not being paid, clothed, fed, or sheltered made them all peace out. And with dang good reason.

Civil War: The winter drags on

For the Confederate soldiers and citizens of Petersburg behind siege lines, things grow more difficult and food becomes scarce.

Civil War: Winter quarters

Cold and under siege, soldiers of the Civil War build some pretty…interesting winter quarters.

Civil War: Hospital rats

Here’s a story from 150 years ago about hospital rats. Happy Holidays!

Civil War: A high-stakes election

One of the turning points of the war: November 8th, 1864.

Civil War: A tightening grip on Richmond

150 years ago, the siege of Petersburg continues, despite the best efforts of the Union General Ulysses S. Grant.

Civil War: Lee’s Miserables

Les Mis had a surprising influence on the South during the Civil War.

Civil War: The Great Beefsteak Raid

Beards, beef, and bandits–150 years ago this week.

Civil War: Sabotage at City Point

In the summer of 1864, the Confederate Secret Service launched a plot to attack City Point (present-day Hopewell).

Civil War: J. M. Daniel’s last duel

150 years ago one of the baddest badasses of Richmond fought in his last duel: newspaper editor John Moncure Daniel.

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