Perseid meteor shower at its brightest (and most romantic) this weekend

Watching the Perseid meteor shower makes for a great date night and will be at its brightest this weekend.

Every year, starting mid-July and running through August, we get to experience the Perseid meteor shower. Humans watch as earth swings through the debris left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle and little bits of dust plummet through our atmosphere, streaking to a fiery death. It makes for a great date night! The shower will be at its brightest and most meteorist this weekend.

If you venture out to take in the meteor shower (either alone or with a loved one) expect to see about a meteor or two every minute. You’ll end up with a better show the later you head out, but you should be good most of the night–as long as you can get away from the city lights!

Suggested watching/cuddling spots:

  • Bryan Park; Northside
  • Azalea Mall; Northside
  • Libby Hill; Church Hill
  • The park at the end of Grace Street; Church Hill
  • Chimborazo Park; Church Hill
  • Mary Mumford Elementary; Near West End
  • Forest Hill Park; Southside
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Ross Catrow

Founder and publisher of RVANews.

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