Perseid meteor shower at its brightest (and most romantic) this weekend

Watching the Perseid meteor shower makes for a great date night and will be at its brightest this weekend.

Every year, starting mid-July and running through August, we get to experience the Perseid meteor shower. Humans watch as earth swings through the debris left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle and little bits of dust plummet through our atmosphere, streaking to a fiery death. It makes for a great date night! The shower will be at its brightest and most meteorist this weekend.

If you venture out to take in the meteor shower (either alone or with a loved one) expect to see about a meteor or two every minute. You’ll end up with a better show the later you head out, but you should be good most of the night–as long as you can get away from the city lights!

Suggested watching/cuddling spots:

  • Bryan Park; Northside
  • Azalea Mall; Northside
  • Libby Hill; Church Hill
  • The park at the end of Grace Street; Church Hill
  • Chimborazo Park; Church Hill
  • Mary Mumford Elementary; Near West End
  • Forest Hill Park; Southside
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  1. Love the Persiuds, but you’ll have to get out of town to really enjoy them. My recommendations.

    The Colonial Parkway between Jamestown and Yorktown.
    Sandbridge or some other remote location facing Southwest with an unobstructed view.

    A comfortable reclining beach chair helps.

  2. Christine on said:

    How about something in the ‘burbs? Where are good sites in Hanover County, for example??

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