Happy Weekend, RVA: The state of the doughnut

For many, many people, it’s the most exciting weekend of the year! For everyone else, there’s plenty to read, muse upon, and purchase. It’s the weekend, people!

State of the University! State of the City! State state state! The word now looks weird.

The weather is not much to complain about this weekend — chilly but no stupid, fake snowstorms and no rain (probably). Apparel translation: Bee Girl costume.

Here in Sugar Shack City, tensions are high! And not just because we all thought Sugar Shack was closing for a second (it was just their coffee thing, but their Lombardy location is reopening, better than ever!). There was a mere dusting of snow on Monday, causing schools to panic slightly. 

Then, VCU’s President Rao gave his State of the University and Mayor Jones one-upped him with a State of the whole dang City

This weekend: watch the Super Bowl, if you’re so inclined. If you’re not a football fan, do us all a favor and resist the urge to tell us so in acid tones on the internets. Just…stay off the internets! That’s what I do! You have the power to make your life what you want it to be, etc.! Nobody is keeping cool-score if you don’t like football! If that were true, I’d be Queen Cool and you guys would all have to go to the new, improved Sugar Shack and bring me things.

 Reasons to stay in bed

  • This new site, in part founded by my very favorite internet tool, Letterboxd, is worth clicking around on for a thousand years. Especially if you’re the type who wants to watch every (good) movie ever. Also if you’re that type, let’s hang!
  • GoDaddy enrages the world by misusing puppies in a commercial. GoDaddy continues to enrage not enough people by exploiting women in other commercials! Stay in bed forever! The world is pointless!

Reasons to get up

  • I discovered Orange in Carytown today and wanted to buy a thousand things immediately. It’s like a local Etsy explosion, but the good kind of Etsy, not the bad kind.
  • I went INTO Orange in order to check out MediaNoche, which is located inside the shop but up on a loft-type arrangement. This boutique specializes in hats and accessories (also some T-shirts) for men and women, and it fills a niche in Carytown. The kinda steampunk, kinda boho, super not afraid of anything except being boring niche. You have lot of shopping to do, so skedaddle.
  • The weather, as I’ve already mentioned, is not going to be horrible, and Monday looms. Up up up!
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