Happy Weekend, RVA: The future is here!

Your first weekend of 2015! Make it count, Richmond. Make. It. Count.

Photo by: Lost Albatross

The weekend will oscillate between wet/bitter and wet/balmy. It’s confusing, because that’s winter in Richmond. Spring is always just there under the surface, taunting us. Here’s hoping it never snows again! Apparel translation: Two raincoats, because you’ll need a new one Sunday while your Saturday one dries.

Well, this is not good news for a new year. I keep thinking that if I just concentrate really hard and work with the ESP I was convinced I had in middle school, I can convince everyone to stop shooting guns. Or even keeping guns around

In less depressing news, it’s only a week until the Golden Globes, hosted by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey again! And then just a couple of weeks until Oscar nomination announcements, and then a month or so to life’s richest pageant, the Academy Awards themselves! Somewhere in there is the Super Bowl, I think, which means some things to some people.

Next week, you can expect Michelle Mosby to be named president of City Council. You can also visit the GWARbar in Jackson Ward, see Wild at Westhampton, and watch Roseanne on Netflix–see, going back to work isn’t so bad after all.

Reasons to stay in bed

  1. A while back, Neil deGrasse Tyson answered the question “Which books should be read by every intelligent person on the planet?” And that answer will give you plenty of reasons to stay in bed, because you have work to do.
  2. Or, if like me you looked at that list and said, “Ugh, Neil. So BORING,” you’ll be stuck in bed anyway, flattened by the realization that you aren’t cut out for intellectualism.
  3. But then you remember that I just said Roseanne is on Netflix, so have fun with your Machiavelli, Neil! I’ll just be here cracking up with Jackie and DJ.

Reasons to get up

  1. You’ve got so much post-holiday cleaning and detoxing to do, both of your home and yourself. 
  2. That may include “exercising,” which we should also just go ahead and blame on Neil deGrasse Tyson. He’s a rich genius. He can handle it.
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