Happy Weekend, RVA: Slow thaw

What is this warmth? Is this the sun? No, it is not, it is the feeling of joy that there are too many things to do this weekend. Time to get up and at ‘em.

Poor old second snowstorm. Nobody cares about you, now that they realize the first storm was more annoying than exciting. This weekend, we can put both behind us with highs in the 30s and 40s, and only a cleansing rain to deal with. Wait, actually, that sounds awful, but our time will come when next week tries and hopefully succeeds to get into the dang 60s!

We will thaw out just like these prehistoric bacteria, which unfortunately means no more fun.

Apparel translation: Flowered pants.

The Oscars came and went last weekend, which makes me feel many things, most of them revolve around the “pleasantly surprised” emotion. I was unhappy with the nominations but my bar was so low that I fully expected Boyhood to win. Instead, Birdman did, with Whiplash taking home a bunch of stuff too. I loved both of those movies, even though they did not come anywhere close to passing the Bechdel Test.

I have enjoyed our Black History Month tribute in Pictures of the Day, and going back over them all at once is pretty fun! Highly recommend it. Special thanks to the Valentine for all their help.

Reasons to stay in bed

  • Rain right now is like adding insult to injury. Your kids and dogs are going insane, and your house is starting to have that musky “open my windows, please” feel. Just hide from it. Just hide.
  • Read this about one of my favorite thing about this year’s Oscars, the title cards.

Reasons to get up

Photo by: CIFOR

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