Good Morning, RVA: What do you get a Wookie for Christmas?

When he already owns a comb?

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 38 °F, which seems cold compared to the last couple of days. Still, highs today in the 60s will seem unseasonable and the copious sunshine will seem lovely.

Water cooler

Tonight is the night. Star Wars: The Force Awakens begins showing at 12:00 AM (on Thursday). Surprisingly, there are still many tickets available as well as some rules you should be aware of if you plan on going all out. Now begins my several-days trial of trying to avoid spoilers until I can get my family to a theatre.

Bon Secours, Capital One, and LISC announced the recipients of their 2015 SEED grants, a program that’s helped a bunch of your favorite East End spots get off the ground. So rad! Now how do we get a similar program for the other growing neighborhoods in the city? Brookland Park Boulevard or Hull Street seem like they’d be perfect for something similar.

Yesterday morning, the Today Show ran a piece about dealing with the loss of a loved one during the holidays and briefly featured Richmond’s very own Comfort Zone Camp. We gave Pete Shrock from CZC a call and lengthily featured him as he told us how to help our pals for whom the holidays are not awesome.

Here’s a way interesting article in Style Weekly about a white professor at VSU, a HBCU, who claims he’s been discriminated against while trying to get tenure.

Also in Style, this pocket guide to some of the development going on around the city. As you know, I live to read overly-detailed, government-issued PDFs about development plans so this overview lacks the nerdy details and architectural drawings I crave, but it’s totally a good starting place for normal people.

Richmond Magazine’s Stephanie Breijo previews the forthcoming Boulevard Burger and Brew. I rode by the location the other day and it looks incredible. Development on the Boulevard the old-fashioned way!

All of the Republican debates are starting to blend together in my mind, but Vox has the takeaways from last night if you’re interested and would like another to throw in your mind blender.


  • Rams fell 64-77 to Georgia Tech and have now lost all four of their P5 games.
  • Spiders (roundball) host Old Dominion tonight in the Robins Center at 7:00 PM.

This morning’s longread

The Prospective Paris Deal Ignores Two Major Polluters: Shipping and Aviation

Whoa, I had no idea!

But there are two particular industries that must factor into any plan to cut carbon and yet aren’t directly represented in the current COP21 talks: international shipping and aviation.

They’re both big. International shipping produces 2.4 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions, equivalent to all of Germany. Meanwhile total aviation yields about 2 percent of global GHGs, and international flights account for 65 percent of that figure. These emissions won’t be covered by reductions being discussed at COP21, because they don’t happen within the boundaries of any specific countries. They’re also projected to rise dramatically by 2050

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