2015 SEED grantees announced!

It’s SEED time again, and this year, 12 winners take varying amounts back to their East End businesses.

A total of $110,000 has been awarded to 12 Church Hill businesses this year as a result of the 2015 SEED grant program.

Now in its fifth year, the program (sponsored by Bon Secours and Capital One and run by LISC) has been helping to revitalize the East End (with a focus on the 25th Street and Nine Mile corridor). Small businesses and start-ups with plans to open or expand in Church Hill went through a thorough application process and were given the good news yesterday!

And now, the SEED grant winners, courtesy of LISC!

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C. Alexander’s Cleaners, Marian Fields: C. Alexander’s Cleaners, located at 2007 Venable Street, is an eco-friendly dry cleaners. Owner Marian Fields will use her $15,000 SEED grant to buy a commercial sewing machine, lease an embroidery machine, install an awning out front, purchase a new AC unit and develop marketing materials for her shop.

Roaring Pines, Andrew Dayberry: Roaring Pines, located at 2005 Venable Street, is a general store with an old-fashioned flair, incorporating a soda fountain bar and selling only American-made products. Andrew Dayberry will use his $5,000 SEED grant to purchase specialized soda fountain equipment (Contingent on a strategic marketing plan).

Stroop’s, Phillip Perrow, Michelle Shriver and Caleb Shriver: Stroop’s, located at 2709 E. Marshall Street, is a gourmet hot dog restaurant with an affordable price point. Co-owners Phillip Perrow, Michelle Shriver and Caleb Shriver, who also own Dutch and Company across the street, plan to use the SEED grant funds of $10,000 for a commercial grill, an AC unit and marketing in this new family friendly venue.

Boudreaux’s, Juliette Highland and Christopher Davis: Bourdreaux’s, located at 412 N. 25th Street, is a family style restaurant with affordable price points at the strategic location right on 25th Street. Juliette Highland and Christopher Davis will use their $25,000 SEED grant to add windows to the front of their building opening views to the street and to purchase a wood-fired grill (contingent upon loan approval).

Richmond Rides Bicycle Tours, Catherine Illian: Richmond Rides Bicycle Tours provides historic bike tours of Church Hill that include stops in local eateries in the neighborhood. Owner Catherine Illian will use her $5,000 SEED grant to bolster her marketing materials.

Jade Salon, Jaida Curreton: Jade Salon, located at 3304 E. Marshall, is a hair salon that moved to Church Hill within the last year. Owner Jaida Curreton will use the $5,000 SEED grant for renovations to upgrade the salon space and for salon management software.

Kolache, Heather Horak: Kolache is a homemade Czechoslovakian pastry business, presently distributes kolache pastries at local farmer’s markets. Owner Heather Horak plans to use her $5,000 for commercial kitchen equipment (contingent upon finding a commercial kitchen space in Church Hill and placing products in Church Hill stores and restaurants).

Pudding Please, Ryan and Tracy Doherty: Pudding Please, a second time SEED winner, is a pudding wholesaler that is looking to expand nationally. Owners Ryan and Tracy Doherty will use their $25,000 SEED grant to purchase a filling and sealing manufacturing machine for their pudding cups that will increase the product’s shelf life to 30 days, enabling them to sell regionally (Contingent on SBA loan).

Union Hill RVA Group, Gillian Field, Shawn Tunstall and Hunter Robertson: Union Market, a third time SEED winner, is a local market and casual dining business located at 2306 Jefferson Avenue. Owners Gillian Field, Hunter Robertson and Shawn Tunstall will use the $2,500 SEED grant for signage and weather coverage for their patio seating.

Song’s Market, Xavier Cibes: Song’s Market, located at 1400 Mechanicsville Turnpike, is a corner market that provides healthy, fresh produce through the Tricycle Gardens Healthy Corner Store Initiative. The second time SEED winner Xavier Cibes plans to use his $5,000 SEED grant for gondolas and shelving, a security system, a meat slicer and upgraded marketing.

April Scott’s Kids, April Scott: April Scott’s Kids, a second time SEED winner, is a children’s clothing line located at 200 N. 21st Street, Richmond. Owner April Scott will use her $5,000 SEED grant for manufacturing and computer equipment as well as for marketing materials.

Wood Grain and Lace, Christine Greenberg and Jennifer Haines: Wood Grain and Lace is a wedding planning business that includes a bridal boutique, Urban Set Bride. Third time SEED winners Christine Greenberg and Jennifer Haines plan to use their $2,500 SEED grant for store fixtures, displays and signage for the expansion of their bridal boutique which will now be located at 602 and 604 N. 29th Street.

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